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The BSN leading to PN Program of undergraduate education program is divided into two phases. However, the BSN to PN program is program that interconnected and forms a unity. the BSN to PN curriculum is designed to be sustainable from the BSN to PN program. During the academic phase, students complete 144 credits taken within seven semesters. After completing 144 credits (ECTS: 264.79), students will hold a bachelor’s degree. The next stage is the professional phase, where students complete 36 credits (ECTS: 65.24) within two semesters. After completing this professional stage, the graduates will obtain the title of nurse.

The achievement map from the first to the fourth year has an organized structure from simple to complex and basic to advanced, making it easier for students to achieve five graduate profiles.

BSN Program (Year 1-4)

In the first year, students learn the basics of nursing and complete compulsory university content courses to build their character. In the second to fourth year, students study compulsory nursing courses and local content courses.

PN Program (Year 5) In the fifth year, students learn professionally on the field to practice providing nursing care. The process begins with the orientation and learning of basic nursing practice. For two semesters, students would apply nursing care to patients in 8 nursing areas, both in clinical and community settings. With a variety of learning methods and over 1632 hours of clinical practice, this course is suitable for nursing studies.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program

NoCourse CodeCourse Credit weight load
1UNO1001Pancasila2  2
2UNO1002Islamic Religion Education2  2
 UNO1003Catholic Religion Education2   
 UNO1004Protestant Christian Education2   
 UNO1005Buddhist Education2   
 UNO1006Hindu Religion Education2   
 UNO1009Confucian Religious Education2   
 UNO1011Education of Agnostics2   
3UNO1007Citizenship2  2
4UNO1008Universitas Jenderal Soedirman Identity2  2
5UNO1010Bahasa Indonesia2  2
6NSA211101Nursing Philosophy and Theory3  3
7NSA211102Basic Biomedical Sciences31 4
8NSA211103Fulfillment of Basic Human Needs21 3
Total Study Load in the First Semester182 20
NoCourse CodeCourse Credit weight load
1NSA211204Basic Concepts of Nursing3  3
2NSA211205Basic Communication of Nursing11 2
3NSA211206Basic Nursing Principles and Skills12 3
4NSA211207Nursing Process and Critical Thinking3  3
5NSA211208Basic Science in Nursing21 3
6NSA211209Health Education and Promotion21 3
7NSA211210Pharmacology in Nursing21 3
8NSA211211Psychosocial and Cultural in Nursing2  2
Total Study Load in Semester II166 22
NoCourse CodeCourse Credit weight load
1NSA211312Nursing Information System11 2
2NSA211313Nursing Therapeutic Communication21 3
3NSA211314English in Nursing21 3
4NSA212315Adult Nursing 1 (System of Cardiovascular, Respiration, and Hematology)31 4
5NSA212316Maternity Nursing31 4
6NSA211317Patient Safety and Occupational Health Safety in Nursing11 2
7NSA211318The Concept of Local Wisdom2  2
8 Elective 12  2
 NSA211319Design and Presentation Techniques    
 NSA211320Scientific Writing    
 NSA211321Lactation Counseling    
 NSA211322Pain Management    
Total Study Load in Semester III166 22
NoCourse CodeCourse Credit weight load
1NSA212423Reproductive Health Nursing11 2
2NSA212424Adult Nursing 2 (System of Endocrine, Digestive, Urinary, and Immunology)31 4
3NSA212425Pediatric Nursing of Healthy and Acute Ill31 4
4NSA212426Mental Health and Psychosocial Nursing21 3
5NSA211427Complementary Nursing11 2
6NSA211428Biostatistics11 2
7NSA211429Entrepreneurship11 2
8 Elective 23  3
 NSA211430Newborn and Child Care    
 NSA211431Anticipatory Guidance for Women’s Health    
 NSA211432Wound Care    
 NSA211433Disaster Survivor Care    
Total Study Load in Semester IV157 22
NoCourse CodeCourse Credit weight load
1NSA212534Adult Nursing 3 (System of Musculoskeletal, Integument, Sensory Perception, and Nervous)31 4
2NSA212535Chronic and Terminal Pediatric Nursing2  2
3NSA212536Psychiatric Nursing21 3
4NSA211537Community Nursing Concepts2  2
5NSA212538Palliative and end-of-life care Nursing21 3
6NSA212539Clinical Practice of Nursing  33
7 Elective 32  2
 NSA212540Stroke Rehabilitation    
 NSA211541Adolescent Health Care    
 NSA212542High-Risk Infant Care    
 NSA211543Psychosocial Well-being    
Total Study Load in Semester V133319
NoCourse CodeCourse Credit weight load 
1NSA211644Research Methodology31 4 
2NSA212645Family Nursing31 4 
3NSA212646Community Aggregate Care21 3 
4NSA212647Emergency Nursing31 4 
5UNO4009Community Services Program (KKN) 3 3 
6NSA212648Disaster Nursing11 2 
7 Elective 42  2 
 NSA212649Disability in Children     
 NSA211650Nursing Negotiation and Lobbying     
 NSA211651Personal Branding Techniques     
 NSA211652Psychiatric Nursing in Community     
Number of Study Load in Semester VI148 22 
NoCourse CodeCourse (MK)Credit weight 
1NSA211753Nursing Leadership and Management31 4 
2NSA212754Critical Nursing21 3 
3NSA211755Gerontology Nursing31 4 
4NSA212756Application of Empowerment and Local Wisdom  22 
5NSA212757Undergraduate Thesis 4 4 
Total Study Load in Semester VII87217 


NoCourse CodeCourse (MK)Credit weight
1NSA211801Fundamental of Nursing Profession Practice  22
2NSA211802Medical Surgical Nursing Profession Practice  77
3NSA211803Pediatric Nursing Profession Practice  44
4NSA211804Maternity Nursing Profession Practice  44
5NSA211805Emergency and Critical Nursing Profession Practice  44
Total Study Load in the First Semester  2121
NoCourse CodeCourse (MK)Credit weight
1NSA211906Mental Nursing Profession Practice  33
2NSA211907Nursing Management Profession Practice  33
3NSA211908Gerontology Nursing Profession Practice  22
4NSA211909Family Nursing Profession Practice  22
5NSA211910Community Nursing Profession Practice  33
6NSA211911Final Scientific Work  22
Total Study Load in Semester II   15

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